Paint and Sip Fundraiser

Laugh, Relax and Have Fun with a Paint & Sip Fundraiser

I was recently invited to a painting party at a friend’s house. I thought that I would love to help them paint their home while having a good time visiting with everyone.  I soon discovered that I was not helping them paint their home, but instead I was sharing an evening of wine and art with friends.  Something that I don’t do often enough!

wineA Paint & Sip event is a new trend that is popping up around the country.  It is hard to imagine a better way to bring people together than sharing an evening of wine and art in a relaxed setting.  A Paint and Sip combines the fun and relaxation of a party with the challenge of a class.  The best thing is that NO experience is necessary!  EVERYBODY can do it!  I saw a 7 year old boy’s picture of a snowman (Olaf) turn out just as beautiful an experienced painter!

Why not turn this opportunity into a fundraiser?  A Paint & Sip fundraiser would be a unique and enjoyable way to raise funds for your organization while inviting the community to come together to paint, laugh and socialize.

The cost includes all of the supplies needed; a glass or two of beer/wine or hot cocoa (for non-alcoholic drinkers); set up; and instruction.   All you need to do is supply the snacks, the space artand the people.

In this 2-3 hour class, while you’re sipping drinks, the instructor walks you step-by-step through the night’s featured painting.  At the end of the night, you will have your own masterpiece and be amazed that YOU created it!

With the lack of funding for the arts in the populace today A Paint & Sip would also be a great way to bring art back into the community and to expose the people who live in it to a lost genre.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time (Thomas Morton).  It helps us relax by helping our minds to refocus on something other than our day-to-day routines.  After all, they say that a picture says a thousand words.  What would you like your painting to say?



Gail Schalizki, Social Media Specialist

Do-Si-Do! An Old-Fashioned Square Dancing Fundraiser!

It has been said that square dancing is friendship set to music. Square dancing has been integral to American social life for centuries. It is believed that country line dancing came from square dancing.

rtsschooldanceI remember in middle school square dancing was a required unit in gym class.  The boys usually hated it; they had sweaty hands and rolled their eyes a lot.  But I think secretly, they had fun and so did us girls.  It definitely got everyone socializing!

One of my friends parents belonged to a square dancing club. They would go square dancing every Saturday night. I was able to go with them a few times and experience the fun. I thought the women all looked beautiful in their fancy Western outfits. Everyone had a great time at these events.

November 29th is Square Dancing Day. Why not host an Old-Fashioned Square Dancing Fundraiser for your next event?  Here are some ideas.

  • Contact a local square dancing club that would like to participate!
  • Provide beginner lessons at the start of the event, then let them go!
  • Find a local band to donate their time – especially a fiddler!
  • Ask the community to provide refreshments; and hold a bake sale.
  • Hold raffles for community donated items.
  • Give a prize to the best dancers or the best Western outfits!

square-dancing-event-ticketYou could include dinner, raffles, or a silent auction.  Prizes could be a cowboy hat or a Western tie….let your imagination run wild. Promote well in advance and …… swing your partner round and round!


Gail Schalizki, Social Media Specialist

Have a Winning Fundraiser With Wine

wine raffleThe popularity of wine has been on the upswing in recent years, with no sign of letting up.  A wine raffle is a great way to raise funds for your organization.

Contact wine merchants and/or distributors in your community and ask them to donate or sponsor bottles for your event in exchange for publicity in your advertising and marketing materials. Also consider requesting that donations be above a certain price point (for example, “Please contribute bottles that are over $15,” or whatever price you decide). With enough time and planning, you can publish at least a partial list of sponsored wines that will be available.

You can incorporate a wine raffle with a larger event, such as a dinner function or a tasting. Set up a table at the event with a display of some wine, the raffle box, raffle tickets for sale and a locking moneybox. Sell raffle tickets before the event and at the event itself, and raffle off bottles of wine every 15 minutes or so. Timing is important, however – keep in mind that raffling off prizes during dinner, for example, would be disruptive for guests.

Depending on the amount of wine at your event, you may find it helpful to split up the donations into groups based on varietals, price point, region, etc. For example, you could offer two prizes in a silent auction or raffle drawing: one consisting of white wine and another, reds/rosés. Or group bottles by varietals, such as pino grigio or cabernet sauvignon, if you receive a large number of sponsored bottles. Ask the donors for tasting notes and price points for each bottle, and to highlight special bottles – you can compile this information and present it to guests on sheets or in a book that they can browse before purchasing tickets.

A variation on this is a wine pull raffle, in which everyone who purchases a raffle ticket wins a bottle of wine. In this “blind draw” type of fundraiser, sometimes referred to as a “wall of wine” raffle, each bottle is wrapped in such a way that the label cannot be seen and is then numbered. Everyone who purchases a raffle ticket then selects a number that corresponds to a bottle – and prepares to be surprised by their prize! A $20 raffle ticket just might win the ticket holder a $100 bottle of wine.

Kick your prizes up a notch by adding donated accouterments, such as wine openers, wine buckets, a wine book, wine charms or an attractive wine rack.

Have fun and enjoy a successful event!


End The Baby Shower Monotony With A Diaper Raffle

Diaper RaffleA diaper raffle is a great way to help prepare moms-to-be with one of baby’s most essential items while breaking up the usual array of baby shower games with something out of the ordinary. There are several ways to go about holding a diaper raffle at a baby shower.

Include a note or cute poem with the shower invitation explaining that guests who bring a package of diapers will be entered into a raffle for a prize. Guests with last names beginning with A-F bring newborn-size diapers, while F-K brings the next size and so on. That way, the mom will receive a variety of brands as well as sizes – potentially enough to up to last several months. (If a specific brand of diaper is desired, that information (along with the rules for the raffle) can be added to the note.)

A gift card or, say, $50 in cash keeps the prize simple, while a gift basket containing a bottle of wine, a corkscrew and a couple of wine glasses can be quick, easy and affordable to put together.

Diaper Raffle Ticket Template

Diaper Raffle Ticket Template

As an alternative to bringing diapers is to put money in a box labeled “diaper fund” and offer tickets at $1 per ticket with the money dedicated toward a diaper fund. That way, guests who want to enter can do so at a low price, and mom and dad can purchase the diapers of their choice. Or, hold a 50-50 raffle – half goes to the baby, half to the winner. (The winner may even opt to give their half to the baby.)

Create a keepsake by personalizing your raffle tickets with baby shower-themed graphics, the date of the shower and baby’s name/gender (if known), and printing the tickets out at home using perforated paper in fun colors. Have fun and enjoy!

Holiday Fundraiser Ideas That Help Lessen The Burden On Families

holiday fundraiser ideasPreparing for the holidays can not only be stressful, but often overwhelming for many families. Your organization can help with holiday fundraiser ideas that offer a number of useful services and can help keep Mom and Dad’s to-do list short.

Amid the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas – all the shopping, decorating, and travelling adds up – it’s easy to lose track of time. Your group can help busy families enjoy home-baked goods by offering baked holiday cookies that members of the community can purchase by the dozen. Decide on two or three basic, popular varieties, such as sugar cookies or snickerdoodles, and begin taking orders at least two weeks in advance to give your group time to prepare and bake. If time, skill and interest allows, you could even offer pies or cakes.

While families are spending the day at the local mall or shopping center, your organization can make arrangements with mall management to set up a few tables and host a friendly gingerbread house-building competition with moms against dads against kids or brothers against sisters. Younger ones can try their hands at decorating gingerbread men and women (with adult assistance). A local bakery could donate cookies or building materials, with one of the bakers volunteering to judge the finished construction projects and/or cookies.

A great way to raise funds at Christmas time while helping families is by raffling off a fresh Christmas tree or wreath. Your local tree farm may be happy to donate a gorgeous tree or wreath in exchange for free advertising in your event’s promotional materials. Print out your own tickets on festive colored paper and customize the graphics on the tickets to highlight the season.

If you have a few scrapbookers in your group, they could apply their talent and interest by creating colorful, handmade greeting cards or gift tags. With advance orders (and for a nominal extra fee), the cards or tags could be personalized for that extra-special touch.

May you enjoy a successful and joyful holiday season, and have fun at your next event!

Lucinda Rowlands

Lucinda Rowlands

12 Days of Christmas Raffle

12 Days of Christmas Raffle


Polar Express Ticket

Holiday Dinner Dance Tickets

Holiday Dinner Dance Tickets

A Holiday Fundraiser That Will Feed Your Sense Of Community

turkeydinnerReady or not, summer has officially ended and fall has begun. As the holiday fundraiser season approaches, thoughts turn toward preparing for gatherings of family and friends … but for many, this is when a busy life is made even busier and more stressful. You can help alleviate some of the crush of the holidays and help foster a sense of community while getting the word out about your organization by hosting a Thanksgiving feast for everyone.

Plan to begin selling tickets four to six weeks in advance of the event date; this will help you get a good ballpark figure on how many guests to prepare for. Be sure to identify and secure a large enough dining hall and enough plates/tableware to accommodate the number of guests you expect to attend, and base your food estimates accordingly if your group will be preparing the meal yourselves. Look to grocers, party supply stores and florists in your area for donations of foods, plates and table centerpieces. (On the other hand, you may want to consider working with a caterer to help you keep the meal planning as worry-free as possible.)

Starting the dinner off with a social hour and live entertainment, such as a popular local music group, is a great way to help your guests relax and settle in without waiting restlessly for the meal to be served. During the social hour, hold a silent auction or a raffle drawing with prizes donated by local businesses and announce the winners just prior to serving the meal.

Turkey is the star of the traditional Thanksgiving meal, and its supporting players – stuffing, candied yams, jellied cranberry, creamy mashed potatoes and steamed green beans – are just a few of the many, many side dishes that find their way onto millions of American tables. Crudités, chips and dips, and cheese platters and crackers are tasty appetizers. Depending on your budget, you can provide different options, such as a vegetarian meal (luscious, cheesy lasagna, anyone?) or gluten- or dairy-free side dishes or desserts, for broader appeal. Don’t forget dessert: Slices of pumpkin or apple pie, brownies and other sweet treats are practically requirements for rounding out a Thanksgiving dinner.

Best wishes for your community feast and holiday fundraiser! Try out our Thanksgiving-themed ticket templates to help you make tickets for your own Holiday feast.

Lucinda Rowlands

Lucinda Rowlands






Thanksgiving Dinner Ticket Template

Thanksgiving Dinner Ticket Template

Turkey Raffle Ticket Template

Turkey Raffle Ticket Template

Turkey Bowling Ticket Template

Turkey Bowling Ticket Template

Halloween raffle ideas to make your event spook-tacular!

halloweencrafts-for-kidsAs the leaves begin ever so slowly to turn colors and the temperatures start to cool off from the height of summer’s glory, thoughts naturally turn to the glories of fall … hoodies, hot cocoa, football scrimmages and – arguably the most popular of all – Halloween. October’s increasingly popular holiday can help your organization raise money to support its charitable work. As the big day (or night!) approaches, more and more families will be heading out in search of the perfect pumpkin. Your group can help them by not just offering pumpkins for sale, but by creating a fun, family-friendly event out of the pumpkin picking process.

If a pumpkin farmer is available locally, he or she may be able to host your event and provide the pumpkins either free or at a reduced cost to help support your mission. Keep an eye out for when pumpkins first begin to appear in grocery stores and the big-box superstores, then begin advertising your event to take place about two weeks later. This will give shoppers time to adjust to the oncoming season and begin to make their purchasing plans.

Pumpkin Farm Ticket Template

You can complement your event with a raffle drawing, the possibilities are endless for a Halloween raffle.  A 50/50 raffle is always popular, or you can put together a Halloween basket or two to raffle off as a door prize – stuff the baskets full with gift cards to local businesses, individually wrapped candy, a holiday-themed stuffed animal, a classic scary movie and a couple of bags of microwave popcorn, or even glow-in-the-dark jewelry.

Look for a location that sees a high volume of traffic so that your event will have maximum exposure to potential customers. A large, freestanding tent will not only make your event unmistakable, it will provide protection from the elements in case of inclement weather – be prepared to rent or borrow one if your organization does not happen to have one on hand.


Have fun helping families prepare for the season and enjoy a successful Halloween raffle!

Lucinda Rowlands

Lucinda Rowlands

Lucinda Rowlands

Here are some other great free Halloween themed ticket templates for your to enjoy!




Halloween 50/50 Ticket Template

Halloween 50/50

Halloween Social Ticket Template

Halloween Social Ticket Template

Murder Mystery Ticket Template

Murder Mystery Ticket Template

Halloween Costume Part Ticket Template

Halloween Costume Part Ticket Template



Celebrate the changing weather with a fall carnival fundraiser

fall carnival fundraiserSoon enough, in many parts of the country the leaves will begin changing colors and those gentle breezes will take on a crisp feel. A great way to celebrate the changing of the seasons is with a fall carnival fundraiser to help support your organization.

The ideal venue will offer indoor as well as outdoor space to accommodate a variety of activities. Brightly colored décor is practically a must, and you can add a festive autumn look to your event by decorating the different activity areas with gold, crimson and green plastic leaves, cornucopia pieces bursting with purple grape clusters and red apples, and small hay bales. Be sure to plan space for food service booths or stations (hot dogs and cotton candy are classic carnival treats!).

three-legged-raceSome of the many outdoor activities that you can offer at the fall carnival fundraiser are a three-legged race, an egg toss (don’t drop it!), a sack race or a wheelbarrow race, or horseshoes, bocce and other backyard games. A tug of war pitting moms against dads or brothers against sisters might even spark lighthearted rivalries that last until the next carnival! Prizes don’t need to be expensive – think mini sports balls, koosh balls and whimsical key chains.

Fall carnival fundraiser are ideal for outdoor sports of all kinds

For indoor fun, you could set up and decorate a karaoke stage for people of any age to entertain all your carnival guests – charge a certain number of tickets per song, and let the audience vote for who stays and who goes. Or put on some fun music and hold a hula hoop contest for participants to compete in categories such as most hoops, best trick, or longest time hooping. You can sell tickets to take part in the competition or to just hula hoop for a certain amount of time. A magician or a clown will add to the festive atmosphere.

Admission to the fall carnival fundraiser is made easy when you sell tickets in advance and at the door. These tickets, as well as those purchased to enter the hula hooping contest and the karaoke sing-off, can double as raffle tickets if you offer a door prize or a 50-50 or other type of drawing. Drawing prizes can come from merchants and businesses in your community who wish to help support your cause.

A fall carnival fundraiser is a great way to bring a smile to the young and young-at-heart while raising funds for your worthy cause. Have fun and good luck!

August means it’s Back To School fundraiser time

Back To School FundraiserIn many areas of the country, the month of August means it’s back to school time – another school year is about to begin. Your organization can give Mom and Dad a hand and raffle off gift baskets full of supplies for a back to school fundraiser.

Coordinate with your local school districts to determine what specific items will be needed by students in the coming year: many schools maintain a list of commonly needed items and may even suggest preferred brands of certain items.

A typical (and by no means exhaustive) list of supplies includes:

  • Packet of loose-leaf blank paper
  • Scissors (rounded or pointed tips)
  • Ballpoint pens
  • No. 2 pencils
  • A handheld pencil sharpener with a top that collects shavings
  • Large pink erasers
  • Bottle of glue
  • Ruler
  • A box of crayons
  • Combination locks
  • Three-ring binders and binder dividers
  • Ruled index cards

Consider tailoring the contents of the baskets to different ages or grades. For example, a Back To School fundraiser basket for elementary school-aged children could contain educational toys and games, a school water bottle or spirit wear, along with a box of crayons and a bottle of glue. Better yet – pack all those goodies into an appropriate-size backpack and, if possible, arrange for the building principal or one of the teachers to present the pack to the winner. To make the most of your fundraiser, put together several gift baskets or backpacks (two per building in your 3-building school district, for example) to encourage more participation from the community.

Back To School Raffle Ticket

Download the free Raffle Ticket Software template for this Back To School Raffle Ticket.

Among the more pricey items on a child’s back-to-school list are clothes, shoes and a myriad of other things that go above and beyond the above list. Including gift certificates to a local shopping mall or to locally owned shops in your area is a great way to provide catch-all options, especially if the drawing is held within a few weeks of the first day of school. Merchants will often donate specific items or gift certificates upon request.

You can add an extra element of fun to your drawing by printing your own raffle tickets decorated with back-to-school graphics; using a computer and raffle ticket software to print onto perforated paper stock makes it a breeze.

Check out this link to know if/when Back To School Sales Tax Holidays will be held in your state for 2015.

Have fun with your successful back-to-school fundraiser!