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Carnival Style Walk-A-Thon

carnival walk_a_thonWhy a carnival-style Walk-A-thon?  Because I am always looking for ways to help people naturally get and stay healthy. Especially since studies show that people tend to be healthier when they have a sense of community.   I began thinking about how awesome it would be to promote a health conscious fundraiser that involves the whole community while helping to promote local businesses.  And As spring starts to approach the thought of nicer weather entered my mind and so did  a carnival style walk-a-thon. Continue reading

Everyone loves a compliment, why not have a Compliment Fundraiser?

Everyone loves a compliment.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world where we receive more compliments than Compliment Fundraisercomplaints? It sure would be a brighter place to live!  Have you heard the saying, “You reap what you sow?”  So if you put out (sow) good energy (such as a compliment), then good will be attracted (reap) back to you. You can help create this positive energy and raise money for your cause by having a Compliment Fundraiser. Continue reading

Turn Fundraising into Friendraising


It is about forming and growing relationships within your community.

I am constantly in search of ideas to help out my fundraising friends.  Through my searches I have learned that fundraising is not just about raising money.  It is about forming and growing relationships within your community in an attempt to change lives…to make the world a better place to live.  This is because as human beings we do not respond well to being a number.  We need to feel like we are a person who is a part of a community.  The other day I came across a term that is new to me, friendraising.

What is Friendraising?

Continue reading

A Holiday Fundraiser That Will Feed Your Sense Of Community

turkeydinnerReady or not, summer has officially ended and fall has begun. As the holiday fundraiser season approaches, thoughts turn toward preparing for gatherings of family and friends … but for many, this is when a busy life is made even busier and more stressful. You can help alleviate some of the crush of the holidays and help foster a sense of community while getting the word out about your organization by hosting a Thanksgiving feast for everyone. Continue reading

Halloween raffle ideas to make your event spook-tacular!

halloweencrafts-for-kidsAs the leaves begin ever so slowly to turn colors and the temperatures start to cool off from the height of summer’s glory, thoughts naturally turn to the glories of fall … hoodies, hot cocoa, football scrimmages and – arguably the most popular of all – Halloween. October’s increasingly popular holiday can help your organization raise money to support its charitable work.  Continue reading

Fundraising opportunities abound at summertime cookouts

outdoor grillFather’s Day gatherings make for perfect fundraising opportunities

With the month of June come Father’s Day and the first official days of summer – warm, sunny days that are perfect for cookouts and outdoor fun. Your organization can host a barbecue and serve up delicious food and games for the whole family. Continue reading

Pamper moms with a spa package fundraiser

Mother's Day Fundraiser

Invite a selection of manicurists, hair stylists, cosmetologists and massage therapists to your Mother’s Day fundraiser.

The month of May is associated with Mother’s Day, a time to remember Mom and go out of your way to shower her with love and attention. With a Mother’s Day spa fundraiser, your organization can help pamper and celebrate these wonderful women while raising funds for your cause. Continue reading

Erin go Bragh – Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with colorful festivities

St Patrick's DayAs we turn the calendar to March, winter relaxes its grip and lawns gradually shed their drab yellows and browns in favor of the bright green of early spring. Another type of green becomes prevalent during this month: the green of St. Patrick’s Day. This day celebrates Irish culture and traditions and offers a variety of fun, family-friendly fundraising opportunities for your organization. Continue reading

Bring the town out of hibernation with a Winter Carnival fundraiser

Ice fishing for the kids

A nearby river or lake could be the perfect site for an ice fishing contest for sportspeople both young and old.

After the lights and decorations have come down and been put away, after the holiday cheer has subsided into the realization that winter is just getting started, many people struggle to fight off the urge to hibernate until spring. But that’s no fun! Your charitable organization can come to the rescue by holding a winter festival that offers something for everyone to enjoy while helping raise funds. Continue reading