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Raise Even More Funds at Your Event with a Wine Pull Raffle

wine pull

A wine pull raffle is a novel way to add excitement to a fundraising event while raising extra money for a worthy cause.  Valentine’s Day is one of the few days out of the year where we go out of our way to make it a point to spend time with our loved ones  wine-ing, dine-ing and dancing; therefore, why not add a wine pull raffle to your Valentine’s Day fundraiser event?

What is a wine pull?

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Experience raffles are worth more than money

When it comes to fundraisers, it’s fun to offer something different. If your organization is looking for an unusual drawing, think about experience raffles.

At first glance, this drawing looks much like many others: you print out your customized raffle tickets and sell them throughout the community. What makes this type of event unique is that the prizes aren’t tangible. Instead, entrants enter to win the chance to do or participate in something they’ll never forget. Continue reading

Getting green at a lawn and garden show and sale

With the arrival of spring, gardeners’ thoughts and dreams turn to the promise of another growing season. It’s time to plan the lush landscapes of vibrant, colorful flowers and the rows of veggies and herbs, whether grown at home from seed or purchased as a young, healthy plant. Your organization can be part of the action by hosting a lawn and garden show and sale that brings together those who love plants and local growers. Continue reading

Turkey bowling events are super fun fundraisers

Turkey bowling pinsThanksgiving in America is traditionally a time for roast turkey and a gathering of family and friends. Some, however, put an unusual spin on the national holiday and go bowling.

Turkey bowling, that is. Turkey bowling at a super market

Growing in popularity in recent years, turkey bowling is said to have originated in the late 1980s in a Newport Beach, Calif., grocery store when a manager slid a frozen turkey across the floor, toppling a soda bottle by accident. From such a humble beginning comes one of the season’s more unusual fundraising events.

You can use regular or plastic bowling pins instead of soda bottles; and yes, it’s okay to use a plastic turkey instead of a real, frozen bird! With its irregular shape, the turkey moves in unexpected directions when rolled. That unpredictable trajectory helps make turkey bowling fun to both watch and play.

There are a number of ways turkey bowling can help you raise funds for your group or for another worthy cause, such as the local food pantry or other relief organization. Fundraising can be as simple as selling admission tickets to the event; or participants can buy tickets for a chance to win prizes for successfully knocking over a certain number of pins in a single roll, knocking over a pin of a particular color, etc. Frozen turkeys may be donated by a local supermarket and awarded as prizes – or given directly to your area food bank.

You may be able to obtain permission to use an actual bowling alley for your event, or an ice rink or fire hall or other facility with a large room may be available if outdoor conditions are less than desirable.

If your organization is looking for a fundraising idea that’s out of the ordinary, give turkey bowling a try!

Turkey bowling ticket

Download our free Turkey Bowling template sample ticket and start making plans today!

Good luck and have fun!

Great prize ideas to make your next raffle a huge hit

When you’re planning a raffle, deciding on the type of prize can quickly become a headache. Your organization may be providing lots of fun and entertainment and offering an opportunity for the community to support a great cause, but without great prizes the event may fall flat.

Choosing a prize begins with the community. You may find that business owners/representatives in your area are more than happy to help your organization reach its fundraising goal. A locally owned spa, for example, could donate gift certificates for an hour-long massage, or a ski resort could donate five free ski lessons. (An offer to post a sign near the donated item that displays the donor’s business name would likely be appreciated.)

When approaching a business for a donation, keep in mind that in many cases, chain stores aren’t always your best bet. Some outright prohibit making donations, while others may require a written request that must go a few rungs up the corporate ladder before it’s even considered. Locally owned businesses tend to respond more quickly and more positively to donation requests.


It’s a good idea to supplement donations with a mix of other prizes. It’s important to work within a budget when you’re thinking about prizes for your raffle drawing. The more money that’s been budgeted, the more – or more expensive – your prizes can be..

Common ranges for prize values are up to $50 and $50 – $100.There’s a lot you can do in each value range while keeping it exciting for participants. Gift baskets filled with a variety of items are always a popular choice – a coffee-themed basket with different coffees, mugs and flavored creamers, or a baseball-themed basket with tickets to the local game and a baseball hat, are just two of many, many popular themes.

Electronics make great prize ideas, since many people want them but won’t buy them for themselves and they’re relatively affordable depending on your prize budget. A Kindle or Nook e-reader can be bought for under $100, as can a Bluetooth headset or a Wii Fit Plus with balance board.


So get creative with your prizes and have fun at your next raffle!

How to hold a meat raffle

Meat raffles offer a fun alternative to traditional raffle prizes

Meat raffles are a creative fundraising event in which the prize winner takes home … you guessed it … meat. Meat raffles can be found in Australia, Canada and Britain as well as in the United States, where they are frequently (though not exclusively) held in the Midwest, including western New York, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and areas of New England.

VFW and American Legion posts, pubs and bars are often host to these charitable meat raffles, but frequently an organization will rent a hall for larger raffles. Patrons purchase tickets, usually for $1 each, with at least one ticket number on it.Wheels of chance can be spun to choose the winner in a meat raffle

In a typical meat raffle, the event is divided into rounds. In each round, a large wheel is spun and an emcee calls out the number of spins that will take place for each round. Some rounds may only have one spin of the wheel, while other rounds could have five or more spins; the more spins, again the better chance of winning. The numbers may or may not be unique to the ticket, so it’s possible that there are multiple winners in each round. If you don’t have an appropriate wheel, you could place all of the ticket stubs into a box and do a blind draw. You would determine the number of rounds by a roll of dice.

Other types of meat raffles include a Chinese auction style of raffle. Players purchase their tickets and deposit them in a bowl or bucket in front of the meat item of their choice. A winning ticket is drawn from the bucket, and the winner takes home the meat.

Meat raffle prizes can include unprepared food items like vegetables and fruits to provide the winner with a full meal.

As one might expect, the prize is … meat! The possibilities are virtually unlimited: ribeye steaks, pork chops, ribs, bacon, liver, jerky, etc. The selection isn’t limited to beef or pork, either: some meat raffles offer items such as turkeys (especially at Thanksgiving), chicken, seafood and lamb chops, and others offer “meat trays” of breakfast-style foods. The Minneapolis, Minn.-based Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy held a “sustainable meat raffle” last year to celebrate its 25th anniversary, offering a wide variety of meat prizes such as grass-fed beef, organic meat, regionally sourced hams and more.

Some meat raffles will offer meat plus the (uncooked) fixings to prepare a meal for a family of 4 to 6: think steaks, corn on the cob, potatoes, salad greens and a dessert or fruit basket. Others offer “extras” in addition to the meat, such as a barbecue tool set, margarita glasses, etc.

Proceeds from meat raffles typically go to support a local school’s booster club, scholarship fund, sports team trip to the championships or other charitable causes. So give meat raffles a try!