Do-Si-Do! An Old-Fashioned Square Dancing Fundraiser!

It has been said that square dancing is friendship set to music. Square dancing has been integral to American social life for centuries. It is believed that country line dancing came from square dancing.

rtsschooldanceI remember in middle school square dancing was a required unit in gym class.  The boys usually hated it; they had sweaty hands and rolled their eyes a lot.  But I think secretly, they had fun and so did us girls.  It definitely got everyone socializing!

One of my friends parents belonged to a square dancing club. They would go square dancing every Saturday night. I was able to go with them a few times and experience the fun. I thought the women all looked beautiful in their fancy Western outfits. Everyone had a great time at these events.

November 29th is Square Dancing Day. Why not host an Old-Fashioned Square Dancing Fundraiser for your next event?  Here are some ideas.

  • Contact a local square dancing club that would like to participate!
  • Provide beginner lessons at the start of the event, then let them go!
  • Find a local band to donate their time – especially a fiddler!
  • Ask the community to provide refreshments; and hold a bake sale.
  • Hold raffles for community donated items.
  • Give a prize to the best dancers or the best Western outfits!

square-dancing-event-ticketYou could include dinner, raffles, or a silent auction.  Prizes could be a cowboy hat or a Western tie….let your imagination run wild. Promote well in advance and …… swing your partner round and round!


Gail Schalizki, Social Media Specialist

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