Hop to it! Fun Easter fundraising ideas

Easter bunny photos

Photos with the Easter bunny can be a fun part of any springtime fundraiser as well as memories to last a lifetime.

Easter is a time of joy, and there are many fun traditions surrounding this holiday: gifts of chocolate and candies nestled in baskets filled with green “grass,” colored hard-boiled eggs, bouquets of lilies and other flowers in soft, pastel shades … and perhaps the biggest thrill for kids: the Easter Bunny.

Any or all of these familiar elements can be used as the basis for a fun and successful fundraising event. Here are just a few ideas to help get you and your organization started.

Dress someone in a bunny suit to host your event or even just a meal or an afternoon tea for little ones – the Easter Bunny is the central character for many Easter celebrations and provides the perfect foil to any number of holiday-themed activities. Be prepared for plenty of enthusiastic kids! You might want to have a photographer on hand to take quick family portraits with him.

As just about any kid will tell you, the Easter bunny brings Easter eggs! An Easter egg hunt held in a playground, park or sports field is a time-tested draw for families. Brightly packaged chocolate eggs or other goodies work just as well as real, decorated eggs. You can charge a nominal fee to take part in the hunt, or it can serve as a free event anchoring other fundraising ideas such as raffles, door prizes and refreshments.

Speaking of eggs, an event that can spark lots of interest is an Easter egg decoration contest. Categories could include most original, funniest, most colorful, etc. People could vote with their spare change in cups placed beside each egg, with the winner taking home the contents of the cup (or your group can form a jury, select the winners and award them small prizes). Related ideas include holding an Easter cake or cookie competition.

An Easter Bunny Hop dance party provides a fun way for little ones to burn off all that sugar-fueled energy. Provide each dancer with a set of floppy bunny ears from the dollar store to wear as they move (hop?) along to popular and traditional kids’ music.

It’s a good idea to offer advance-sale tickets for your Easter-themed event to help give your group an idea of how many guests you can expect to see on the big day. With a computer and a printer, you can use perforated ticket paper to create beautiful, personalized tickets that are sequentially numbered – perfect for use in any raffle drawings or contests you might hold during your fundraiser. To help keep things organized, you’ll want to establish separate groups or committees for each event if you will be holding more than one.Easter Egg Hunt

Have fun and good luck with your fundraising event!
Easter Bunny is the central character for many Easter celebrations and provides the perfect foil to any number of holiday-themed activities.

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