Springtime Opportunities

As warmer temperatures arrive, a whole new season of craft shows begin to fill the calendar. Spring is a busy time and people frequent shows looking to pick up ideas and supplies for their favorite pastimes.

Water Lily

By offering a raffle during a craft show, you are able to add another level of fun and excitement for participants while at the same time, sharing information about your organization or cause.

Because most show organizers require advance registration to reserve a space, some planning is helpful. Finding where craft shows are being held and registering with organizers in time can be tricky. In larger towns, you may have a number of shows from which to choose on a given weekend, while in smaller communities there may only be one or two shows a month.

Many times, upcoming craft shows will be listed in the classified section or advertised in a display ad in the local newspaper Рyou may even see signs posted along streets in the neighborhood where the show is to be held. Keep in mind that these listings are often notices of shows whose dates are rapidly approaching and whose registration dates have passed (meaning there may not be enough time for you to participate in that show), but by contacting either the organizers themselves or the facility where the show is to take place,  you will have a direct line to upcoming opportunities.

The Internet can be a great source of information for larger shows. Websites such as http://www.fairsandfestivals.net list a wide variety of shows sometimes months in advance of the show dates, organized by state. While details are made available only to paid members, the show names can be looked up separately through an online search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Other sites include http://festivalnet.com/craft_shows.html and http://www.artscraftsshowbusiness.com/default.aspx. You can also search the name of your town with the phrase “craft show” for smaller shows.


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