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Give the Twelve Days of Christmas raffle a try

Looking for a holiday-themed raffle that’s a little different and a lot of fun? Give the 12 Days of Christmas raffle a try – it’s a great way to keep the excitement building up until the big day and provides an opportunity to involve a variety of local businesses.

12 raffles of Christmas drawing

Try out a Twelve Days of Christmas raffle where you hold daily drawings with ever-increasing prizes. You can sell individual tickets or all 12 as a package at a savings.

The rules are fairly simple: your organization holds a raffle drawing and offers a different prize every day for 12 days. To keep interest high, the value of the prizes increases the closer you get to Christmas.

With a dozen prizes to pay out, you’ll need to be creative in your planning and make the most of your prize budget. A great way to start out is to contact locally owned businesses in your community and ask if they would like to either donate a product or service or offer them at a reduced price. Many times, a local business owner will be happy to donate, as this amounts to “free” advertising for him or her.

Gift certificates, vouchers and coupon books for popular items and services make great prizes, especially at the early stages of a 12-day drawing. To keep enthusiasm high and encourage ticket sales, offer increasingly higher-end items, such as a weekend getaway for two, a Nintendo Wii U or a 50″ flat-screen TV.

For a raffle like the 12 Days of Christmas, you can sell tickets individually and offer a block of 12 at a special rate for the chance to win all 12 prizes. (A smart idea is to clarify that a winning ticket can only win once!) Be sure to collect all tickets prior to the date of the first drawing.

Download the 12 Days of Christmas.zip files now.

Above all – have fun!

Dunk a skunk and make a splash

Dunk tanks are a creative use for fundraising tickets

Dunk tank drawing

Hold a drawing to determine who will get dunked.

When it comes to organizing your fundraising events, the temptation can be great to stick with what’s always worked in the past: the same annual event, the familiar raffle drawing table. There comes a time when a fresh, new approach is in order, however. If you’re looking at ways to spruce up your organization’s fundraising, consider using a dunk tank to make a real “splash” in the community!

The dunk tank fundraiser works best when you have two or three candidates for getting dunked – particularly if they are high-ranking members of your organization or community. For example, dunking a school board member or building principal is a great way to get parents and even kids to take part and support the PTO. Dunking the pastor of a local church or the town’s fire chief can also be a fun draw.

Dunk tank sample ticket

Download a sample of a dunk tank fundraiser ticket

Guests at the event can purchase numbered raffle tickets for the chance to throw a ball at the target and activate the dunker. The stubs are placed in a basket. Every hour, or at set intervals, a volunteer picks a stub from the basket and announces the winning ticket number. The holder of that ticket gets to take their best shot!

If the weather isn’t right for an outdoor dunking, or if you want to save the expense of renting a dunk tank, you could always make the dunkee walk the plank at the local pool or just douse him with dozens of water balloons.

dunk tank advertising

Make flyers and postcards to whip up excitement over who the possible “dunkee” could be.

A variation is to sell tickets using different ticket colors. Each color represents a different “dunkee.” At the end of the event, a volunteer counts the number of different colors in the basket. Whoever has the most tickets is the lucky one who may end up getting wet! Then you can draw tickets to see who gets the first shot at the dunkee.

Your dunkee doesn’t have to get wet either. You could have the most-purchased ticket get a crazy haircut or have to wear a funny dress and makeup. The possibilities are endless.

There’s no need to settle for business as usual when it comes to fundraising. Try something new and have fun!

How to hold a meat raffle

Meat raffles offer a fun alternative to traditional raffle prizes

Meat raffles are a creative fundraising event in which the prize winner takes home … you guessed it … meat. Meat raffles can be found in Australia, Canada and Britain as well as in the United States, where they are frequently (though not exclusively) held in the Midwest, including western New York, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and areas of New England.

VFW and American Legion posts, pubs and bars are often host to these charitable meat raffles, but frequently an organization will rent a hall for larger raffles. Patrons purchase tickets, usually for $1 each, with at least one ticket number on it.Wheels of chance can be spun to choose the winner in a meat raffle

In a typical meat raffle, the event is divided into rounds. In each round, a large wheel is spun and an emcee calls out the number of spins that will take place for each round. Some rounds may only have one spin of the wheel, while other rounds could have five or more spins; the more spins, again the better chance of winning. The numbers may or may not be unique to the ticket, so it’s possible that there are multiple winners in each round. If you don’t have an appropriate wheel, you could place all of the ticket stubs into a box and do a blind draw. You would determine the number of rounds by a roll of dice.

Other types of meat raffles include a Chinese auction style of raffle. Players purchase their tickets and deposit them in a bowl or bucket in front of the meat item of their choice. A winning ticket is drawn from the bucket, and the winner takes home the meat.

Meat raffle prizes can include unprepared food items like vegetables and fruits to provide the winner with a full meal.

As one might expect, the prize is … meat! The possibilities are virtually unlimited: ribeye steaks, pork chops, ribs, bacon, liver, jerky, etc. The selection isn’t limited to beef or pork, either: some meat raffles offer items such as turkeys (especially at Thanksgiving), chicken, seafood and lamb chops, and others offer “meat trays” of breakfast-style foods. The Minneapolis, Minn.-based Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy held a “sustainable meat raffle” last year to celebrate its 25th anniversary, offering a wide variety of meat prizes such as grass-fed beef, organic meat, regionally sourced hams and more.

Some meat raffles will offer meat plus the (uncooked) fixings to prepare a meal for a family of 4 to 6: think steaks, corn on the cob, potatoes, salad greens and a dessert or fruit basket. Others offer “extras” in addition to the meat, such as a barbecue tool set, margarita glasses, etc.

Proceeds from meat raffles typically go to support a local school’s booster club, scholarship fund, sports team trip to the championships or other charitable causes. So give meat raffles a try!

How to hold a “Find the Queen of Hearts” drawing

We are always on the lookout for tips and suggestions to help our customers maximize their fund raising success. After we read about Dick’s accomplishments, and his kind words about how our products have worked out for his organization, I decided to learn more about the“Search For The Queen Of Hearts” so I could share it with you.

The information provided here is taken from the New York State Racing & Wagering Board’s web site and it has been abridged for readability. Every state has its own rules and regulations, so make sure you are in compliance with all rules in the state you plan to hold your drawing before you get started. If you aren’t sure where to find this information, click here and use the pull-down menu to find your state.


Queen Of Hearts Raffle Tickets

What you need to get started:

·         A series of two-part, sequentially numbered raffle tickets

·         A raffle ticket drum or receptacle

·         A standard deck of fifty-two playing cards plus two Jokers

·         A game board into which fifty-four playing cards can be

placed facedown, side-by-side, and held securely by a locking, transparent cover

1) Determine a price for each ticket and print all the pertinent information – like cost of each ticket, drawing dates, prizes to be awarded, and whether or not the winner needs to be present at the drawing. Make sure the stubs have an area for name and telephone number of the purchaser (this part goes into the drum). The body of the ticket is kept by the purchaser. Print sequential numbers on both parts (our Raffle Ticket software does this for you automatically).

2) Have a certified member shuffle the deck and, without revealing any of the faces, place the cards facedown, side-by-side, onto the game board. Lock down a transparent game board cover to secure the cards in place.

3) One raffle ticket shall be drawn each week from among all of the tickets sold for each drawing, except for the first week and the twenty-sixth week (if necessary), when three drawings shall be held. If the Queen of Hearts is not revealed within twenty-six weeks of drawings, one ticket shall be drawn in week number twenty-seven and each subsequent week until the Queen of Hearts is revealed and the grand prize is awarded.

4) The participant(s) holding the winning ticket stub(s) shall be declared the winner(s) of each drawing and shall be entitled to “Search For The Queen of Hearts”.

5) All remaining tickets in the raffle drum or receptacle shall be defaced and discarded.

6) The transparent, locking cover securing the cards shall be opened by a licensed member in charge or assistant to the member in charge at the time of each drawing.

7) Each winner shall select one of the facedown playing cards, which shall be turned face up by a licensed member in charge or assistant to the member in charge. If that playing card is the Queen of Hearts, the holder of the winning raffle ticket selecting that card shall be awarded 60% of the Grand Prize Pool.

8) If the card selected is not the Queen of Hearts, that card shall be defaced by drawing a diagonal line across its face; the card shall be returned to the game board face-up; the transparent, locking cover securing the cards shall be locked; and that player shall be immediately awarded a cash prize valued according to the following schedule:

Card Drawn                             Payout Odds

Any 2, 3, 4, or 5                              At least 4 – 1

Any 6, 7, 8, or 9                              At least 6 – 1

Any 10, Jack, or King                   At least 8 – 1

Any Ace                                        At least 10 – 1

Any Joker                                     At least 15 – 1

Any Queen other than Hearts   At least 20 – 1

9) The weekly raffle drawings shall continue until a winner selects the Queen of Hearts.

10) When the Queen of Hearts is selected, the winning player shall be awarded the Grand Prize consisting of 60% of the Grand Prize Pool.

11) The licensee shall retain the remaining 40% of the Grand Prize Pool as raffle profit.

12) A sign shall be posted in all areas where the game is conducted and where tickets are sold stating that the total prize pool shall be comprised of sixty percent of sales; a listing of the payout odds specified above on cards valued Two through King (excluding the Queen of Hearts); and that forty percent of all ticket sales will be retained by the authorized organization as profit.

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Summertime Opportunities

I bet you’d rather be at the beach, or camping, or participating in nearly any outdoor activity.  But you’re not.  You’re stuck behind your computer and starting to resent being saddled with your next fund raising project.

You don’t have to feel guilty.  I’d rather be at the beach too.

The secret to happiness is to get your fund raising activities – and yourself – outdoors.  You can combine the two – selling tickets AND enjoying yourself – with just a little creative finesse.

When’s the last time you treated yourself to a car show?  How about an outdoor concert?  If those are few and far between, what about a firemen’s field days or local farmers market?

All it takes is a few phone calls to the right people, and you have a good chance of getting a table at the event where you can sell your raffle tickets.  Who knows?  You might even get the space, admission, and great parking all thrown in as a donation to your charity.  (You’ll never know if you don’t ask).

These are fantastic places to sell your tickets.  The crowds are concentrated, so you’ll have heavy traffic, and there is usually down time before the event starts and the crowds are looking for something to do.  These people are not only generally in a good mood, but they showed up with money in their pockets set aside for spending.

Best of all, you get to take breaks where you can walk around to enjoy the sights, sounds and – gasp – the FOOD!

It’s a win-win situation.

So stop feeling guilty about wanting to get outside.  You’ve got a game plan.  Go put it into practice and enjoy the results!


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