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Get the word out

Send information about your drawing to local news outlets – TV, newspapers, community calendars, local-info web sites,  chambers of commerce, even posters in store entryways – They’ll often mention your organization or event and sometimes they’ll even send a reporter or local dignitary to your event.

It’s free advertising that will help to draw more interest!


Think outside the raffle

Numbered tickets have many uses above and beyond raffles

Did you realize that you can use your Raffle Ticket software for many other types of tickets and promotions? Here are a few ideas you might be able to use next time you hold a gathering:
Our Raffle Ticket Software Program makes many different kinds of tickets.
Event Tickets: Whether you are charging admission for an event or not, you can produce numbered tickets for attendees. The tickets lend an air of professionalism to your event. Some people will even hold on to their tickets as a souvenir or to remind them to save the date for next year.

Drawings: Use the ticket’s stub to hold a drawing. Even if you only have a very small door prize to offer, the drawing gives your attendees a reason to hold onto their ticket and therefore keep your information with them. Holding the drawing toward the end of your event will also give them a reason to stay longer and hopefully provide your organization with more income.

Parking Passes: Put your organization’s name, address, phone number and web site on a parking pass. Not only is it useful in making sure your parking lot isn’t full with someone else’s traffic on the days you need it most, but you’ll also benefit from a built-in marketing campaign that will be driven near and far on your attendee’s dashboards for days after your event.

You are competing against TV, radio, billboards, Facebook, text messages, e-mail and hundreds of other advertising distractions. Make the most of the marketing resources you already have and see a real difference in your fund raising results.

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