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“How to” video series guides you through expert ticket creation

Whether you’ve been using Raffle Ticket Software for years or if you’re just thinking about trying out the demo version, this “how-to” video series will show you how to make the most of the program.

Part one introduces you to the kinds of tickets you can make with this software and paper.How to video series

Part two is an overview of the software’s controls and explains what the different sections of the ticket are and where to go to make adjustments.


The Raffle Ticket Software has been the best thing we have ever purchased. It has worked great for not only raffle tickets but other tickets as well. Thank you for this program!

– Carole


Parts three, four and five go into detail about all of the different fonts, colors, and settings you can choose from. Part six shows you how to adjust your printer and the ticket size to make the printed version come out just the way you want it.

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Thank you!

How Raffle Drawings Benefit Organizations

Successful organizations have known about fund raising through the power of raffle drawings for many years.  At the same time, they may not realize the full benefits of holding a drawing.  Here are just a few ways raffle drawings have benefited organizations:

Raffle drawings can provide an opportunity for members of the public who cannot physically attend an event to still support that event or cause.  By holding a raffle drawing, your income isn’t limited to a single, in-person fundraising opportunity; you also build invaluable goodwill in your community.

Some forethought regarding raffle drawings can lead to an income stream before and long after the date of your event.  Printing your website address on ticket stubs – the part each and every drawing participant holds on to – gives you lasting marketing exposure to a relevant audience and can help draw potential supporters to you in the days and weeks following your drawing.

Smart organizations know that there is strength in numbers when it comes to raffle drawings.  Forming a joint venture – teaming up with another group whose mission or interest is related to yours – benefits everyone involved by helping both groups reach a larger audience than either group would on their own.  And larger audiences mean larger income.

Don’t pass up raffle drawings as a way to support your organization.  Be one of the many groups that have enjoyed great success through their own creative efforts.


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Summertime Opportunities

I bet you’d rather be at the beach, or camping, or participating in nearly any outdoor activity.  But you’re not.  You’re stuck behind your computer and starting to resent being saddled with your next fund raising project.

You don’t have to feel guilty.  I’d rather be at the beach too.

The secret to happiness is to get your fund raising activities – and yourself – outdoors.  You can combine the two – selling tickets AND enjoying yourself – with just a little creative finesse.

When’s the last time you treated yourself to a car show?  How about an outdoor concert?  If those are few and far between, what about a firemen’s field days or local farmers market?

All it takes is a few phone calls to the right people, and you have a good chance of getting a table at the event where you can sell your raffle tickets.  Who knows?  You might even get the space, admission, and great parking all thrown in as a donation to your charity.  (You’ll never know if you don’t ask).

These are fantastic places to sell your tickets.  The crowds are concentrated, so you’ll have heavy traffic, and there is usually down time before the event starts and the crowds are looking for something to do.  These people are not only generally in a good mood, but they showed up with money in their pockets set aside for spending.

Best of all, you get to take breaks where you can walk around to enjoy the sights, sounds and – gasp – the FOOD!

It’s a win-win situation.

So stop feeling guilty about wanting to get outside.  You’ve got a game plan.  Go put it into practice and enjoy the results!


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Get the word out

Send information about your drawing to local news outlets – TV, newspapers, community calendars, local-info web sites,  chambers of commerce, even posters in store entryways – They’ll often mention your organization or event and sometimes they’ll even send a reporter or local dignitary to your event.

It’s free advertising that will help to draw more interest!


How to Hold a Treasure Chest Raffle

One of the fun things about raffles is the fact that there are so many types of drawings to choose from. It’s easy to try something new and possibly spark fresh interest in your organization’s cause.One game you can offer is the Treasure Chest raffle. It’s a great way for players to take an active role in the game. Instead of waiting for their ticket number to be called (or for their phone to ring or a notification of winning in the mail), the players can be part of the action and know immediately whether they’ve won.

This style of raffle is great for repeating occasions, like club meetings, because the secondary prize grows bigger each time it is not won.

You’ll need:

– 2 different-colored series of 2-part, sequentially numbered raffle tickets

– A chest with a keyed lock (the “treasure chest”)

– A receptacle for prize-winning tickets

– A separate receptacle for key tickets

– A predetermined number of keys

– A game board with nails protruding from it (for hanging the keys). Be sure the number of nails matches the number of keys in play at the beginning of the game.

You can make as many keys as you like, but keep in mind that of all the keys made, only two will open the chest. One will be the master key. The other key will remain unmarked, along with the other (losing) keys.

Designate which ticket color will be sold to players. When a ticket is sold, the player retains one ticket stub for verification; the other is deposited into the key ticket receptacle.

When enough tickets have been sold (more than five), you’ll need a designated member-in-charge, or MIC, to divide the funds into three portions. One portion is your group’s profits (as appropriate), and another portion is evenly divided into smaller parts (for example, five) to serve as the prize pool. The third portion is set aside to serve as a secondary prize and is kept locked inside the treasure chest.

Hang one key from each nail on the game board and affix one-half of a ticket stub to each key, being sure to use a different color of ticket than what was sold. The other half is deposited into the key ticket receptacle.

The MIC draws five tickets from the prize-winning ticket receptacle. Each person holding the corresponding ticket stubs is awarded 1/5 of the prize pool.

After that, a key ticket is drawn from the key ticket receptacle for each of those five players, who are each presented with a key from the game board under the ticket stub that corresponds to his or her stub. Using his or her key, each player attempts to open the lock on the treasure chest.

If none of the keys opens the lock, the game is closed for that occasion. Those five keys’ tickets are destroyed, and the keys that did not open the locks are removed from play. Remove and safeguard the secondary prize – that is, the cash from the treasure chest – and secure the remaining keys with their key tickets inside the key ticket receptacle as well as the game board with its remaining keys and key tickets.

The remaining cash prize should be deposited into the raffle checking account (if applicable) and remain there until that amount is added to the treasure chest immediately prior to the start of your next Treasure Chest raffle.

If the secondary prize is not awarded within 170 days, the final drawing will be repeated until the winning key is drawn.

For a full listing of rules and regulations, click here. Have fun with the Treasure Chest raffle!

Think outside the raffle

Numbered tickets have many uses above and beyond raffles

Did you realize that you can use your Raffle Ticket software for many other types of tickets and promotions? Here are a few ideas you might be able to use next time you hold a gathering:
Our Raffle Ticket Software Program makes many different kinds of tickets.
Event Tickets: Whether you are charging admission for an event or not, you can produce numbered tickets for attendees. The tickets lend an air of professionalism to your event. Some people will even hold on to their tickets as a souvenir or to remind them to save the date for next year.

Drawings: Use the ticket’s stub to hold a drawing. Even if you only have a very small door prize to offer, the drawing gives your attendees a reason to hold onto their ticket and therefore keep your information with them. Holding the drawing toward the end of your event will also give them a reason to stay longer and hopefully provide your organization with more income.

Parking Passes: Put your organization’s name, address, phone number and web site on a parking pass. Not only is it useful in making sure your parking lot isn’t full with someone else’s traffic on the days you need it most, but you’ll also benefit from a built-in marketing campaign that will be driven near and far on your attendee’s dashboards for days after your event.

You are competing against TV, radio, billboards, Facebook, text messages, e-mail and hundreds of other advertising distractions. Make the most of the marketing resources you already have and see a real difference in your fund raising results.

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