Raise Even More Funds at Your Event with a Wine Pull Raffle

wine pull

A wine pull raffle is a novel way to add excitement to a fundraising event while raising extra money for a worthy cause.  Valentine’s Day is one of the few days out of the year where we go out of our way to make it a point to spend time with our loved ones  wine-ing, dine-ing and dancing; therefore, why not add a wine pull raffle to your Valentine’s Day fundraiser event?

What is a wine pull?

Wine Raflle Pull

Number bottles to match the numbers on the raffle tickets

At a wine pull raffle you wrap up the donated/sponsored bottles of wine  so the labels can’t be seen. Then you number the bottles  to match the numbers on the raffle tickets being sold. The end result is that every person who buys a wine pull raffle ticket wins a wine bottle that corresponds to their raffle ticket number.

Tips to Help Your Wine Pull Raffle Succeed


When promoting your cause to merchants/donors, place just as much focus on the benefits that they will receive from donating to your wine pull raffle.  For example,  receiving some form of advertising at your event, which means their business will get exposure to all your guests. Let them know that their name will be advertised on a list detailing all the wines available at the raffle. The wine pull raffle and that list should also be incorporated into the marketing of your event.

Bottle Ratio

It is recommended to have a decreasing amount of bottles as you move up the expense range. For example, 100 low-end bottles, 70 medium priced bottles and 30 high-quality priced bottles.  A wine pull raffle gives people the opportunity of winning a top quality bottle of wine for an inexpensive price. They may get a normal wine or they may get a really remarkable and expensive bottle.

Labeling Wine Bottles

Wine Pull Raffle

Dress the bottles up with an incorporation of your cause or event theme.

Be creative with your wine pull raffle by dressing the bottles up.  Try incorporating your cause or event theme. Be sure to label each bottle with a note of instructions not to open the bottle at the event.

To add more excitement to the wine pull raffle a few bottles could come with grand prizes. You could include  winery tours/tastings or a basket full of wine accessories such as corkscrew openers, ice buckets, chillers,  decanters, glasses, etc.

Draw Attention to the Raffle

Place the wine pull raffle table display near check-in so guests have to pass by as they enter the event. Don’t forget to include attention-grabbing signage.

Draw attention to the  raffle throughout the evening by encouraging people personally to go to the table and partake.   Get all your members, fundraising committee, and volunteers to do this as well to help out. Make a few reminder announcements about it throughout the evening.

Be sure to check with your local law enforcement about any licenses that are needed to have wine/alcohol raffled off at your event.

It seems to me that a Wine Pull Raffle is a great way to add engagement resulting in  increased funding. Why not have one at your next fundraising event?

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